November 12th is now AI Voice Day in Japan!

AI Voice Platform CoeFont establishes AI Voice Day to promote the ethical usage of AI voice.

3 min readNov 12, 2023

CoeFont Co., Ltd. announced that November 12th has been registered as AI Voice Day with the anniversary association in Japan. The day was made to promote generative AI voice technology including ethical use for both creators and users.

November 10th, 2023, 18:00 JST

Banner reading November 12th is now AI Voice Day in Japan. Subtitle: CoeFont establishes AI Voice Day to promote the ethical usage of AI Voice.

AI Voice Day was established to highlight the benefits of AI Voice technology when used ethically. CoeFont believes that AI Voice technology gives artists and creators a new medium to explore and create with.

With 2023 being the year that generative AI came into its own, it is fitting to establish the anniversary this year. This day will serve as an occasion not only to celebrate the technology and those who have made significant contributions to it, but also to reflect on the importance of ethical use to create a shared vision for the future of AI.

Why November 12th?

November 12th holds a special significance for us as it marks the founding of CoeFont Co Ltd. Our company has been at the forefront of developing and promoting AI voice technology in Japan, and has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the field. This special day, rooted in our history, serves as a platform to share our vision for the future of AI voice technology.

CoeFont’s Voice For ALL Project

CoeFont believes it is imperative to use cutting-edge technology to support people’s lives and create a better future. As such, from day one we have been working on various projects to create a better society utilising our technology.

Voice Right Protection Initiative

Our commitment to protecting voice rights has been unwavering since the beginning of our company’s journey, which is why our platform is designed to enable digital voice creators to retain full control over the use of their digital voices. Collaborating with leading figures in both AI and Acting communities, Coefont is working to lead the way in creating a global standard for the protection of voices.

Voice Revive and Digital Voice Gifting Initiative

Founded on the belief that everyone has the right to a voice, we have been working with patients and medical institutions in Japan to create the most natural voice replications possible and provide free digital voice creation and use to people faced with the prospect of losing their voice. Since then, we have expanded coverage to people with speech disabilities. Our voice gifting project gives members the opportunity to gift a copy of their digital voices to improve the quality of life of those who have already lost their natural voices for medical reasons.

AI Voice Platform CoeFont

CoeFont( ), an innovative AI Voice Platform using the latest AI technology to convert voices into expressive, easy-to-use digital voices which can be used with Text-To-Speech, Voice Changer, and Cross-Lingual TTS. The CoeFont platform provides immediate access to our Voice Hub with over 10,000 diverse digital voices. Whether for training sessions, internal announcements, audiobooks, promotional content, or live during meetings or streaming, these voices are always ready to bring your ideas to life.

About CoeFont Co., Ltd.

CoeFont Co., Ltd. develops and provides AI-based services, established in 2020 and registered as a Tokyo Tech Venture. We are currently conducting research on AI-based voice synthesis and providing “CoeFont” under the concept of “bringing voices to all creators.” We aim to pioneer the voice content market with easy-to-understand natural AI voices.




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