CoeFont Recreates University President’s Voice After He Lost it to ALS

CoeFont, in collaboration with Digital Hollywood University, used its proprietary AI technology to replicate the voice of the university’s president, Tomoyuki Sugiyama.

3 min readMay 25, 2023

CoeFont Co., Ltd. Announced that the CoeFont team collaborated with Digital Hollywood University to recreate the voice of the university’s principal, Tomoyuki Sugiyama, who lost his voice due to ALS. June 17th, 2022, 11:10 JST

CoeFont Recreates President’s Voice After He Lost it to ALS

Digital Hollywood University (DHU) reached out to Coefont with a request to replicate the voice of the university’s principal, Tomoyuki Sugiyama. Unfortunately, Sugiyama had lost his voice due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Normally, voice recordings are made before an individual loses their voice to create natural AI voices in a process known as voice banking. Despite this challenge, Coefont accepted the project and collaborated with DHU to recreate Sugiyama’s voice using high-quality recordings of his past lectures and other sound sources. The team successfully replicated Sugiyama’s tone, sound, and inflection to enable him to communicate with his own (AI) voice once again.

AI voice of the university’s principal, Tomoyuki Sugiyama.

Comment from Mr. Kazuhiro Ikeya, Secretary General, Digital Hollywood University

DHU has a long-standing history of collaboration with industry leaders, allowing our students to learn in a hands-on style of learning. CoeFont allowed us to research AI voice synthesis by participating in a project to recover Principal Sugiyama’s voice using past recordings. 1 in 100,000 people are affected by ALS, and one of them is our principal, Mr. Sugiyama. We hope that this project and technology will be used to aid ALS patients and their families.

Comments from CoeFont CEO, Shogo Hayakawa

At CoeFont, our original goal was to empower all creators and provide them with a voice. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that our platform has also found use in the medical field, where it is being utilized by medical institutions and individuals who are at risk of losing their voices. Recently, we were approached by Digital Hollywood University to develop a digital voice for their principal, Mr. Sugiyama. While working with DHU on this project, my team and I have gained a much deeper understanding of the social impact that our technology can provide. We are more determined than ever to make digital voices accessible to everyone and leverage our platform to benefit society.

Using Technology to Create a Better Future

CoeFont have been providing their AI voice platform “CoeFont” free of charge to people who are scheduled to have their vocal cords removed or are at risk of losing their voices due to the progression of ALS or other medical conditions. The platform has received an overwhelming response from patients, their families, and medical institutions, and are committed to using AI and other cutting-edge technology to contribute to society and to improve people’s quality of life.

About the CoeFont Platform

CoeFont( ), an innovative AI Voice Platform using the latest AI technology to convert voices into expressive, easy-to-use digital voices which can be used with Text-To-Speech, Voice Changer, and Cross-Lingual TTS. The CoeFont platform provides immediate access to our Voice Hub with over 10,000 diverse digital voices. Whether for training sessions, internal announcements, audiobooks, promotional content, or live during meetings or streaming, these voices are always ready to bring your ideas to life.

About CoeFont., Ltd

Established in 2020, CoeFont Co., Ltd., registered at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, develops and provides AI-based services. The company is currently focused on AI-based speech synthesis and is developing an ethical and inclusive AI voice platform. CoeFont (, is available in all countries and regions.

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