CoeFont Communications Team Wins Grand Prix at the ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards

3 min readNov 7, 2023


CoeFont Co., Ltd. announced today that it has been awarded the Grand Prix for Social Influence in Branded Communication for its おしゃべりひろゆきメーカー (Talking Hiroyuki Maker) campaign at the 63rd ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards. Known as the most prominent advertising awards in Japan, the ACC Grand Prix is considered one of the most significant achievements for creative professionals in the country. This year’s branded communication jury was led by Dentsu’s Noriaki Onoe, and included industry experts Shiny Lee, Sayaka Arimoto, Haruka Ichikawa, Ayana Kizaki, Rie Kimoto, Kazuaki Kuribayashi, Natsuki Kogure, Shota Kojima, Yasuke Shimano, Kaoru Sugano, Miho Takeichi, Tatsuki Tatara, Shota Hatanaka, Takahiro Miura, and Emi Murakami.

November 2nd, 2023, 18:00 JST

The CoeFont Talking Hiroyuki Maker campaign was named best in category for Social Influence in Branded Communication at the 63rd annual ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards. As well as the coveted Grand Prix award, the team took home a silver award in the Digital Experience category. The jury described the campaign as innovative and playful.

Talking Hiroyuki Maker

The online Hiroyuki Maker application allowed netizens to create and share videos in the digital voice of outspoken Japanese KOL Hiroyuki Nishimura. The campaign gained popularity on social media, with 10,934,872 videos generated in the first week alone.

Jury member Kaoru Sugano praised the campaign for effectively showcasing the benefits of products using AI voice, adding that the casting choice could not have been better for the current climate in Japan. He also appreciated the simple interface and instructions — “Let’s use CoeFont’s AI technology to get Hiroyuki to say the right things!” The judge went on to say that the campaign allowed users to disengage from the often negative headlines around AI technology and have fun.

CoeFont Team

Executive Producer: Shogo Hayakawa

Planner / Front-End Developer: Yumoya

Planner / PR:Yasuhiro Yamada

Planner:Naoki Takahashi

Back-End Developer :Taiki Ikeida

Back-End Developer :Suto Hidetaka

AI Advisor:Nakamasa Inoue

AI Engineer:Yuto Nishimura

AI Engineer:Mirai Mitani


Art Director:Takuma Onishi 大西拓磨

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About ACC Awards

The ACC Tokyo Creativity Awards, previously known as the ACC CM Festival Advertising Awards, have been held since 1961 with the objective of improving the quality of television and radio commercials. Today, these awards are widely regarded as one of Japan’s biggest accolades, and the coveted ACC Grand Prix is a testament to the exceptional talent and dedication of the winners.

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