Aspiring Writers Can Now Hear Their Novels Come to Life Through CoeFont’s Digital Voices

CoeFont’s realistic digital voices have been added to Novelba’s platform for writers, allowing users to convert their novels into audiobooks.

3 min readMay 17, 2023
Aspiring Writers Can Now Hear Their Novels Come to Life Through CoeFont’s AI Voices

CoeFont Co., Ltd. announced that Beaglee Inc. (TYO: 3981) had integrated CoeFont’s digital voices into their platform, Novelba. The new “Voice Novel” feature allows users to easily convert their novels into audiobooks and is available on the Novelba platform starting today. November 1st, 2022, 12:00 JST

Novelba, a platform in Japan where aspiring writers can share, read, and discuss their works, has added a new “Voice Novel” feature allowing users to create audiobooks. The Voice Novel feature uses digital voices produced by the CoeFont platform. CoeFont was chosen for their true-to-life voices and reasonable pricing that would users to freely switch between 8 different character voices. As well as the original narration voice, each character can read with a variety of emotions, including joy, anger, sorrow, and amusement. The digital voices were created to tell stories across all genres, whether Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, or Romance, users will be able to find the voice to fit their vision.

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Overview of New Novelba Features

The new service is available on the Novelba app and starts today from 12:00 (Tuesday, November 1st, 2022). The creation service is not currently available on the website platform. However, users will be able to listen to their created books.

Novelba App is available on IOS (Apple App Store) and Android (Google Play Store). Please update to the latest version of our app to enable the “voice novel” function.

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About Novelba

Novelba is an online publishing platform where aspiring writers can share, read, and discuss their work and connect with readers. The platform is home to over 20,000 novels uploaded by users. Novelba supports budding writers by holding contests in collaboration with publishing houses for the opportunity of a book deal. The platform also produces and distributes manga based on users’ work in partnership with the digital manga platform Manga Kingdom.

About the CoeFont Platform

CoeFont( ), an innovative AI Voice Platform using the latest AI technology to convert voices into expressive, easy-to-use digital voices which can be used with Text-To-Speech, Voice Changer, and Cross-Lingual TTS. The CoeFont platform provides immediate access to our Voice Hub with over 10,000 diverse digital voices. Whether for training sessions, internal announcements, audiobooks, promotional content, or live during meetings or streaming, these voices are always ready to bring your ideas to life.

About CoeFont., Ltd

Established in 2020, CoeFont Co., Ltd., registered at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, develops and provides AI-based services. The company is currently focused on AI-based speech synthesis and is developing an ethical and inclusive AI voice platform. CoeFont (, is available in all countries and regions.

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