AI x CoeFont enables natural real-time replies from AI spoken dialogue avatars

A CoeFont digital voice has been adopted as the conversational voice for the AI spoken dialogue avatar provided by Advanced Media.

4 min readJun 14, 2023

CoeFont Co., Ltd., a registered startup company at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, developer and provider of services utilizing AI, announced that its AI voice software has been adopted by Advanced Media Inc. (TSE: 3773), as the conversational voice delivery system for the AI voice dialogue avatar AI Avatar AOI. June 14th, 2023, 12:00 JST

AI x CoeFont enables natural real-time replies from AI spoken dialogue avatars

Advanced Media has recently integrated digital voices from CoeFont’s voice platform to serve as the voice of their AI Avatar AOI. The AmiVoice™ system equipped avatar features voice recognition technology and is utilized in a range of industries such as healthcare, logistics, customer service, and social VR applications.

A spokesperson for Advanced Media Inc. stated,

“In voice interactive AI services like AI Avatar AOI, the character’s voice is crucial. CoeFont’s AI voices excel in this feature, which is why we decided to integrate their service. On top of that, CoeFont’s Enterprise Plan allowed us to use API, making it simple to integrate into our system. We were blown away by the remarkable quality of the AI voice we were able to produce just during our training in the CoeFont online studio.”

CoeFont stated that they are committed to finding ways for digital voices and will continue to expand and diversify their selection of high-quality digital voices to meet the needs of various industries.

About AI Avatar AOI

The AI-powered voice dialogue avatar AOI was designed to be used in social VR applications. With its advanced AmiVoice™ AI voice recognition system, which has the highest domestic market share in Japan*, it accurately understands customers’ speech and enables natural communication. The software can be used in various business scenarios, including training, showrooms, customer service and handling of online inquiries. AOI is available 24/7, 365 days a year and can assist visitors in VR spaces by responding to chats and alerting the administrator of any unanswered questions. This feature helps to shorten response times and allows personnel to focus on more critical matters.

*Source: ecarlate “Speech Recognition Market Trends 2023” Speech recognition software/cloud service market.

About Advanced Media Inc.

Established in 1997, AmiVoice™ was jointly developed and commercialized with Interactive Systems, Inc. of the USA, and in 2005 became the first company specializing in speech recognition to be listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Growth Market. The company was the first speech recognition business to achieve profitability in Japan.

With the vision of achieving HCI (Human Communication Integration), the company aims to be a leader in the era of software communication, in which people can naturally communicate their intentions through machines and has developed a business centered on AmiVoice™ AI speech recognition software and cloud services, which has the largest share of the speech recognition software market (source: ecarlate “Speech Recognition Market Trends 2023”). It is used in a wide range of situations as a sector-specific language engine, including conferences, healthcare, contact centres, construction and real estate, logistics and manufacturing.

Advanced Media Inc. is committed to achieving Human Communication Integration (HCI) and strives to be a leader in the era of software communication. The company’s main focus is on AmiVoice™ AI speech recognition software and cloud services, which currently holds the largest market share in the speech recognition software market in Japan (as reported by ecarlate in “Speech Recognition Market Trends 2023”). Advanced Media’s AI language model is used in a wide range of industries including but not limited to conferences, healthcare, contact centres, construction and real estate, logistics, and manufacturing. Their ultimate goal is to enable seamless and natural communication between humans and machines.

About the CoeFont Platform

CoeFont( ), an innovative AI Voice Platform using the latest AI technology to convert voices into expressive, easy-to-use digital voices which can be used with Text-To-Speech, Voice Changer, and Cross-Lingual TTS. The CoeFont platform provides immediate access to our Voice Hub with over 10,000 diverse digital voices. Whether for training sessions, internal announcements, audiobooks, promotional content, or live during meetings or streaming, these voices are always ready to bring your ideas to life.

About CoeFont
Established in 2020, CoeFont Co., Ltd., registered at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, develops and provides AI-based services. The company is currently focused on AI-based speech synthesis and is developing an ethical and inclusive AI voice platform. CoeFont (, is available in all countries and regions.

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