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"Voice font" is needed

The Internet has passed through the "text era", in which only characters are exchanged, and the "image era," in which large images can be handled, and is now entering the "video era". All smartphones now have cameras, making it easy to add subtitles to videos. However, the current situation is that the means to put a "voice" there is not yet open to the public. What is needed now is something like a "voice font", so to speak, so that anyone can easily use the "voice".

AI voice platform "CoeFont"

The AI ​voice platform "CoeFont" is based on the concept of "you can use a good voice anytime, easily, and as much as you want". It is a voice service that anyone can use at a low cost and easily by converting to a simple "font". More than 5,000 kinds of high-precision voices can be used immediately according to the purpose, as much as you need, when you want to use voices such as training voices, in-house broadcasts, audio books, advertisements, etc. In addition, until now, AI voice that required 500,000 yen for 10 hours or more to record can be created with this service for 500 yen for 15 minutes to create AI voice that can speak naturally.

Features of CoeFont

Over 5,000 unique voices.

Over 5,000 voices available. You can choose the voice that best suits your needs and purpose. The number of available voices continues to grow every day.

Realistic and natural voice

The latest AI voice model and contextual understanding technology reproduce the voice of the person naturally. Feel free to use natural-sounding voices in a variety of situations.

Low cost starts from JPY 0.05 per character.

The price per character starts from 0.05 yen. It is possible to realize a service that utilizes natural voice at a low cost that cannot be compared with other voice provision services.


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